In The Production Of Suspension Clamp, The Ratio Of Single 6 To Double 6 Must Be Matched.


In the production of Suspension Clamp, the ratio of single 6 to double 6 must be matched. The adjustment of the ratio of the seasons should be small, and the amount of the release agent should be adjusted according to the seasonal changes. In the production of Suspension Clamp, the proportion of the material after the crushing of the material is controlled, and it is not possible to mix too much in a single time. When black and color are added less, black is used, the color master selection is very important.

In the production of Suspension Clamp, the temperature of the injection molding can not make the staff adjust too high, so the cable tie is brittle, and the molecular structure of the nylon is completely destroyed, which has a great influence on the pulling force. Suspension Clamp production, mold clamping force, injection time, injection time or something, must be adjusted, the mold is now fully automatic, the output is improved, but pay attention to the bubble, injection time is short, Suspension Clamp is easy to appear Bubbles that affect the appearance. When changing the mold, the Suspension Clamp should be tested one by one, especially for small sizes. Pay attention to whether there are any missing teeth, anti-tooth, eccentric and so on.