In Wet Weather Conditions, The Dirty Suspension Clamp Is Prone To Flashover Discharge, So It Must Be Cleaned To Restore The Original Insulation Level.


In wet weather conditions, the dirty Suspension Clamp is prone to flashover discharge, so it must be cleaned to restore the original insulation level. The general area is cleaned once a year, and the Suspension Clamp in the dirty area is cleaned twice a year (before the fog season).

1, power off cleaning
The power-off cleaning is to wipe the worker's pole with a rag after the line is cut off. If it is not cleaned, it can be wiped with a damp cloth or with a detergent. If it is not cleaned, replace the Suspension Clamp or replace the Suspension Clamp.

2, no power cleaning
The Suspension Clamp is typically wiped on the running line using a Suspension Clamp with a brush or cotton. The electrical performance and effective length of the Suspension Clamp and the distance between the person and the live part should be in accordance with the corresponding voltage level, and must be monitored by a person.

3, charged water rinse

Dashui Chong and Xiaoshui Chong Suspension Clamp two methods. Flushing water, effective length of the operating rod, distance between the person and the charging department must comply with the requirements of the industry regulations.