Bundle type tension clamp waterproof and electrical effects have reached the standard


Bundle type tension clamp When the cable needs to be branched or connected, insert the cable branch terminal into the waterproof terminal cap. After determining the branch position of the main line, use a socket wrench to tighten the torque nut on the clamp. The bundle type tension clamp is actually a connector that takes power from the wire without stripping the wire to expose the conductor. The bundle type tension clamp can pierce the insulator of the wire, and the two cables can be electrically connected, and the puncture is to install a bundle type tension clamp in the radial direction of the cable. There is no need to make a cable head, how to do the trunk, how to make a special insulating shell for the branch line, anti-light and environmental aging, the insulation strength can reach 6KV. The arc surface design, the contact blade will pierce the cable insulation layer in the process, and contact with the conductor, the gasket ring pressure cable is around the puncture position, the silicone grease in the casing overflows, when the torque reaches the set value, the nut torque mechanism falls off, the main line And the branch line is switched on, and the waterproof performance and electrical effect meet the parameters required by the standard.

Bundle type tension clamp can pierce the insulation of the wire, and has good contact with the conductor, so that the electric energy can be led out, and the branch line can be made of a special insulating shell, which is resistant to light and environmental aging, and the insulation strength can reach 6KV. The arc surface design is suitable for connecting with the same diameter wire and has a wide connection range. Bundle type tension clamp overhead low voltage insulated cable connection. Low-voltage insulation into the household wire T connection. Building distribution system T connection. Street light distribution system and common cable field branch. Bundle type tension clamp Underground power grid insulated cable connection. Many street lighting lines are connected and have good insulation protection at the puncture.