The Glue Waterproof Junction Box Is A Protective Product Commonly Used In The Power Supply Industry.


Glue waterproof junction box is mainly used for the weakest link in transmission lines. Due to the quality of intermediate joints and installation defects, or due to moisture, overload and other external forces, cable joints often have explosion accidents. The high temperature generated by the explosion and the instantaneous release of energy are enough to blow up or burn other cables in parallel with the cable trench, and even knock the manhole cover and destroy the channel to cause damage to pedestrians. In order to ensure the normal operation of the cable intermediate joints and avoid secondary accidents, the Glue waterproof junction box has the external impact of waterproofing, fireproof and relative resistance. The Glue waterproof junction box is a protective product commonly used in the power supply industry.

Glue waterproof junction box installation instructions:

1. Strip the outer skin of the cable where the cable is needed, and the length should be less than the length of the outer box;

2. Select a connection method, branch or docking, it is recommended to use Weinan Electric IPC insulation piercing clamp;

3. Wrap the sponge strip around the ends of the cable connection and close the mold box;

4. Mix the resin glues of group A and group B according to a certain ratio, stir evenly, then pour into the mold box, and the installation is completed;

5. The curing speed of the resin is related to the temperature. The higher the temperature, the faster the curing, about 30 minutes at normal temperature.