The Cause Of The Bundle Type Tension Clamp Is Much More


The bundle type tension clamp is the terminal for power transmission and is an important part of the power system. Bundle type tension clamp has many lines and long faces, complicated walking paths, and the quality of bundle type tension clamp is uneven. The operating environment is complex, and it is affected by climate or geographical environment, and directly faces the user. Complex, these directly or indirectly affect the safe operation of the bundle type tension clamp. The bundle type tension clampbundle type tension clamp has a high failure rate, and the cause of the failure is far more complicated than the transmission line.

1. Failure caused by human factors.

2. Faults caused by natural disasters. Usually refers to a lightning strike. Because the overhead 10kV line has a long path, the terrain is relatively empty, and there are few tall buildings nearby, so lightning strikes are often encountered in the annual thunder season. The resulting accident is the most common 10kV overhead line. Bundle type tension clamp phenomenon has insulator breakdown or burst, wire breakage, arrester burst, distribution and burnout.

3. Faults caused by trees. Windy and rainy, it is easy to cause the wires to discharge on the trees or the branches are broken on the line. When the wind and rain are large, even the whole tree will fall on the line, pressing or breaking the wires, causing line accidents.

4. The factor of the bundle type tension clamp.