How To Install The Anchor Clamp


Anchor clamps are the most common lv abc cable accessories for low voltage power, widely used with aluminium or plastic bracket, heavy duty stainless steel cable tie(strap) and other tools.

First step, take two straps of suitable length, open the end of strap, cut the excess length, fix the strap buckle with hammer.

Second step, to place the cable. There are many kinds of the cables, neutral messenger cable, phase cable, service cable. With phase separator to seperate them. Pull out the platic wedge, pull the cable in then tigthen.

Third step, assemble anchor clamp into the bracket. Open end of the steel bail, connect the one bail through the bracket then fix the end of the steel bail in the gap of the clamp body. Match "cut slot" of rivet parallel to the rib of the body. The all done.