Low Price Heavy Duty Connector


Heavy duty connector is designed for harsh-environment, whether in use on container cranes or in smelting furnaces, the solid housings have been designed for the most adverse circumstances. There are many well-known brands with different price, such as TE, Harting,

GWconnect, Weidmuller, Phoenix, Sibass etc. What is the difference, the design? the raw materials? the brand value? Actually, the functions are all same.
SENTUO Electric, the factory of the heavy duty connector, always to be the supplier of other companies. We sure that we could offer much more reasonbale price and good quality. Could be the replacement to any brands but in low cost.

Now we supply HA 3pin/4pin/10pin/16pin/32pin, HE 6pin/10pin/16pin/24pin/32pin/48pin, HSB 6pin, HK 4pin.

Looking forward to your inquiry.