Insulation piercing connectors

Suspension Clamp market quotes are accompanied by adjustments.


The short-term adjustment of the Suspension Clamp price is basically the resonance of the market. The market does not have the possibility of a large decline temporarily. After a short adjustment, the price may still be inherited. From the current market performance of Suspension Clamp, no matter whether it is the futures market or the spot market, the belief in the late market is still relatively strong. Once the price correction is raised, more buying will be involved, for the later price. There is still support. From the point of view of time, the recent Suspension Clamp spot market is still a flat period of rigid demand. The market sales are mainly from steel mills, steel mills, steel traders, and end-users. The overall Suspension Clamp Market inventories are still growing, but with the gradual start of demand, this week's inventory growth rate has dropped significantly. Suspension Clamp market quotes are accompanied by adjustments.

On the whole, the environmental protection and production limit during the "two sessions" will increase, and the supply of Suspension Clamp will be even more tense, which will affect the normal operation of the Suspension Clamp factory. In summary, after the continuous increase in the previous period, the Suspension Clamp price needs a short-term correction to rectify.