Insulation piercing connectors

High voltage cable clamp effectively improves safe operation


The high voltage cable clamp consists of a glass fiber epoxy resin rod, a silicone rubber umbrella skirt, and a metal fitting. High voltage cable clamp The silicone skirt adopts an integral injection process to solve the interface electrical breakdown of the key issues affecting the reliability of composite insulators. The connection between the glass drawing rod and the fittings adopts a better crimping process, and is equipped with a fully automatic sonic flaw detection system. The strength is high, the appearance is beautiful, the volume is small, the weight is light, the gold plating is galvanized to prevent rust, and the porcelain insulator can be used. Used interchangeably, the High voltage cable clamp is reliable in structure and does not damage the mandrel. It can fully utilize the mechanical strength of the High voltage cable clamp.

High voltage cable clamp has excellent electrical performance and high mechanical strength. The tensile strength of the internal load-bearing epoxy glass rod is 2 times higher than that of ordinary steel, which is 8~10 times higher than that of high-strength porcelain material, which effectively improves the reliability of safe operation. . High voltage cable clamp has good anti-fouling performance, good anti-fouling performance and strong anti-soil flashing power. The high voltage cable clamp wet withstand voltage and pollution withstand voltage are 2~2.5 times of the same creepage porcelain insulator. And no need to clean, can run safely in heavy pollution.