Insulation piercing connectors

The Piercing connector offers a breakthrough design from the shape to the internal structure.


The Piercing connector is installed in a branch-changing cable distribution unit and manufactured by the branch box technology. The Piercing connector complies with the IEC529 protection type of protection measures and is a new power supply system for current shaft and horizontal distribution methods.

Piercing connector is suitable for a wide range of cable, a variety of single core, copper, aluminum cable from any point on the 42 - 2402 single core cable. Several connection methods for traditional cable branches have been changed. The wire splitter branching technology is fully compliant with the way power is supplied to various cables in a variety of locations. The Piercing connector offers a breakthrough design from the shape to the internal structure. The Piercing connector is small in size, elegant in appearance and has a reliable internal conductive structure. The use of Piercing connector can save the reserved main cable and branch cable, which makes the overall project cost low, convenient to use, reliable in performance, unique in structure, complete in function, large in contact area and high in crimp strength, due to conductor The components are unique in structure, easy to use and double in work efficiency.

The exterior insulation of the Piercing connector is made of high-quality reinforced engineering plastics with excellent electrical insulation properties, superior mechanical properties and impact resistance. The internal conductive parts of the Piercing connector are unique in structure, made of high-quality conductive materials and tin-plated. The advent of the Piercing connector provides the best choice for high-rise buildings and related enterprise cable branching technologies, making the Piercing connector a broad market prospect and the most promising cable branching technology.