The use requirements of the junction box

The general junction box is composed of box cover, box body, wiring terminal, diode, connecting wire and connector.

The use requirements of the junction box are as follows:

1) the shell must have strong anti-aging and ultraviolet resistance.(the junction box)

2) Meet the use requirements of outdoor harsh environmental conditions;

3) The self-locking function makes the connection more convenient and firm;

4) It must have waterproof sealing design, scientific anti electric shock insulation protection and better safety performance;

5) The wiring terminal shall be firmly installed and have good weldability with the bus;

6) The main function of diode is one-way conduction function;

7) Connectors and connecting wires: with good insulation performance, the male and female plugs have self-locking function, which makes the electrical connection between solar panels more convenient and reliable.