The introduction of the junction box

In home decoration, the junction box is one of the electrical accessories, because the wires for decoration pass through the wire pipe, and the junction box is used as the transition at the joint of the wire (such as the line is relatively long, or the wire pipe needs a corner). The wire pipe is connected with the junction box, and the wires in the wire pipe are connected in the junction box to protect and connect the wires, This is the junction box.

Thermocouple and thermal resistance junction box is a device used to fix the junction base and as a connector. It plays a role in protecting the temperature sensing element from the erosion of the external atmosphere and making the external conductor in good contact with the terminal. According to the measured temperature object and the site environmental conditions and requirements, in addition to the ordinary junction box, splash proof, waterproof and plug-in junction boxes are also designed. If we assemble various types of junction boxes into thermocouple and thermal resistance products, these products are splash proof, waterproof and plug-in thermocouple and thermal resistance.

Thermocouples and thermal resistors(junction box) are different from other types of instruments (such as display instruments, regulators, etc.), which are usually installed on field equipment, and the environmental conditions of field equipment are generally poor.