The installation process of the cable connectors(1)

(cable connector)Remove the connector and disassemble the removable parts in sequence.

2 (cable connector)Fix the cable end and nail it on the shaft plate. The end extends 200mm-300mm. The end is inclined downward and forms an included angle of about 30 ° - 45 ° with the horizontal direction.

3 (cable connector)Peel off a section of cable sheath about 45mm long with a hand saw or electrical knife, and the section shall be straight.

4 (cable connector)Apply sealant (87 glue or 703 glue) evenly on the joint between the sheath surface and the outer conductor (the part that can be covered by the rear end cover of the connector), put the rear end cover (compression lock ring), washer and sealing ring of the connector on the cable in sequence, rotate and install the connecting sleeve of the connector on the outer conductor with the sheath removed along the spiral direction of the outer conductor, close to the end of the cable sheath.

5 (cable connector)Clean the sheath powder and copper scraps left on the cable head with a copper brush.

6. (cable connector)Use special metal scissors to cut off the excess wrinkled copper tube outer conductor about 2mm from the end face of the connecting sleeve. The outer conductor of corrugated copper pipe shall be flared and flanged outward with pointed nose pliers, and gently tapped with pointed nose pliers, hammer and other suitable tools to make it lean flat against the end face of the shell body. Note that the flanging shall be uniform and round.

7 Remove sharp corners and smooth burrs with water pliers, files, emery cloth and other tools.

8. For the inner conductor of smooth copper pipe, stick to the fixed outer conductor with a hand saw, saw off the insulating strip and inner conductor extending out of the outer conductor, and flatten the inner conductor with a file (wrinkled) for the end face of copper pipe, the edges and corners shall be removed and tapped with a tap, and the depth shall be commensurate with the thread length of the inner guide assembly; for the inner conductor of wrinkled copper pipe, cut off the insulating strip protruding from the outer conductor with water pliers, and cut off the inner conductor with appropriate length with special metal scissors.