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  • The working principle of the Insulated Piercing Clamp is to insert the branch cable into the branch cap and determine the position of the main thread when connecting to the cable branch, and tighten the torque nut on the thread clip with the sleeve wrench. The hidden insulation of the puncture blade is gradually closed. At the same time, the arc sealing rubber pad wrapped around the puncture blade gradually close to the cable insulation layer.


  • Xi Jinping, general secretary of the Communist Party of China Central Committee, delivered an important speech at a grand gathering celebrating the centenary of the CPC's founding at Tian'anmen Square in Beijing on Thursday.


  • Insulating puncture piercles are generally used for trunk lines to make branches. Features is that the installation is more convenient and flexible, and branch lines can be made in any place to make branches. The insulated punch clip is used when the cable is connected.


  • Insulation Piercing Connectors is mainly composed of insulating housings, puncture blades, waterproof rubber pads, and torque bolts. When the cable branch is connected, the branch cable is inserted into the branch cap and determines the good main line branch position, tighten the torque nut on the line clip with the sleeve wrench, with the tightening torque nut, the line clip is hidden with the insulator of the puncture blade. Gradually wear.


  • A robotic arm mounted on the core module of China's space station has world-class technologies and capabilities, according to a researcher with knowledge of the station program.


  • The planet is drowning in plastic pollution. Plastic has been found on the world's tallest mountain peak and its deepest ocean trench. It's washed up on the shores of Antarctica and on the beaches of remote, uninhabited islands in the South Pacific.