Piercing Connector Has Good Strength, Toughness, Plasticity And Welding, And Has Good Ductility.


The Piercing connector manufacturers can be said to be more and more, the demand and market sales are increasing day by day. With the many advantages and features of the Piercing connector, the Piercing connector can be said to be perfect in the processing and production process. Wear resistance and ductility are better, the surface of the product is smooth and the performance is superior!

Piercing connector has good strength, toughness, plasticity and welding, and has good ductility. Its alloy layer and steel base are firmly attached. Therefore, Piercing connector can be used for cold forming, rolling, wire drawing and other molding. Without damaging the coating, it is suitable for general processing such as drilling, cutting, welding, cold bending and other processes.

The surface of the Piercing connector after hot-dip galvanizing is bright and beautiful. The Piercing connector is seamless and welded, and the Piercing connector is a seamless tube extruded. Generally, it can be selected according to specific needs. Due to its excellent performance, Piercing connector is widely used in glass curtain wall, electric power tower, communication grid, water and gas transmission, wire casing, house, bridge, metal structure, etc.