Current Conduction Pathway Between Lightning Protection Hardware.


Under the action of external pressure, the active aluminum oxide layer on the aluminum-aluminum interface of the two Lightning protection hardware is crushed or rubbed to partially rupture, so that the aluminum electrons flow freely between the peaks and peaks on the surface of the Lightning protection hardware. Conductivity. The greater the pressure, the more peak-to-peak points are contacted and the smaller the contact resistance.Current conduction pathway between Lightning protection hardware.

The active aluminum oxide itself has electrical conductivity, so that the unbroken region also has a certain conductivity.

Since the plasticity of aluminum is good, when the two interfaces are pressed and contacted, part of the aluminum in the inner wall of the wire clamp will be plastically deformed into the stranded space of the outer layer of the wire, so that the effective contact lightening protection hardware area is increased, and the intermolecular The mutual penetration is more active, and as the amount of aluminum atoms in the oxide layer is further increased, the electrical conductivity at the electrical interface is improved.