Advantages Of The Street Lamp Junction Box


1. The Street Lamp Junction box complies with IEC60947-7-1 and GB14048.7.1 standards;

2. The Street Lamp Junction box realizes the on-site branch connection when the trunk line is not cut off;

3. Street Lamp Junction box to achieve a reliable connection of copper or aluminum conductors, to achieve copper - aluminum excess.

4. Street Lamp Junction box high-strength insulation material, high mechanical strength, flame retardant grade in line with UL 94 V-0;

5. Street Lamp Junction box is beautiful and sturdy, the protection level is in accordance with IEC 60529 IP54, and the special sealing treatment can reach IP68;

6. Street Lamp Junction box in the field wiring without special treatment of the line end, no special tools, easy to use, saving construction time;

7. The structure of the Street Lamp Junction box is unique: the wire clamp is a wire-contained canine-toothed staggered structure with large conduction cross section, large contact pressure, small contact pressure drop, supplemented by high-strength bolt crimping, anti-loose and shockproof.