Street Lamp Junction Box Has The Advantages Of Protruding Terminals


Street Lamp Junction box has the advantages of protruding terminals it is a process that has an insulated piercing clip that does not require cutting off any branch of the main cable. However, it is necessary to strip off the insulating layer of the cable core of a certain length, and it is not capable of live operation, and has the double advantages of the plug-in busway and the large contact area of the pre-branch cable. It is mainly used in construction, industrial electrical equipment and other special occasions for the "T"-shaped split connection when the main cable (main line) cannot be cut. The Street Lamp Junction box inherits all the advantages of the JXT2 series "T" terminal and highlights its sealing performance. The specially designed sealing ring can meet the wire diameter of various specifications of cross-section cable, and its excellent protection performance is greatly expanded. Its application range; at the same time, a more elaborate and more groundbreaking industrial design on the Street Lamp Junction box shape, not only has a small and beautiful appearance, but also has a reliable and compact internal structure. The introduction of the Street Lamp Junction box enhances the sealing performance of the Street Lamp Junction box, making it not only suitable for indoor use, but also for outdoor applications, cable trenches, underground air and other special requirements for protection.