China Still Is The Big Factory Of Insulation Piercing Connector


Sicame is the well-known brand for the insulation piercing connector, TTD is theirs main type which is popular around the world. Now in China market, TTD and JJC are common types. JJC is the replacement in cheap price.

Also now China is the big OEM manufacturer of the insulation piericng connector in the world. Buz of the lots of factories, the price of the IPC is much more lower than the begining. We own the well-developed supply chain, from raw materials to assembling workers. May someone noted that the labour costs in China now is not cheaper than Vietnam, India, Philippines etc, but now is not unpractical to move the factory to those countries, buz the supply chain is not perfect there, and the work efficiency there is not well. China is still the big export country of the low voltage AB Cable Accessories. We hope to copperate with you in the further.