Insulation piercing connectors

Glue waterproof junction box performance:


FRP is a high-quality composite material, which has special prevention functions for various corrosive media such as acid, alkali, salt and oil, and does not cause rust. Requirements for coastal areas and chemical sites and long-term direct underground. Glue waterproof junction box performance guarantees that the Glue waterproof junction box can run stably for a long time.

Glue waterproof junction box is made of FRP. FRP is an anisotropic material. With its wide range of formulations and additives, according to the environment and state of FRP work, special flame retardant additives are added to make FRP materials Good flame retardancy, the main flame retardant parameters should be: oxygen index 62.5%; seal the Glue waterproof junction box shell with silicone rubber seal ring in the joint part of the explosion-proof shell to enhance the waterproof performance of the cable joint; The pressure resistance of the Glue waterproof junction box can withstand the strong impact from the inside or the outside; on the side of the explosion-proof shell there is a diarrhea hole sealed with a silicone rubber sealing plug, and the direction of the venting hole can be adjusted once the cable The intermediate joint explodes, and the sealing plug on the venting hole can quickly open the diarrhea energy, effectively preventing damage to other cables or the surrounding environment. The flame retardant performance of the Glue waterproof junction box shell can also ensure that the internal flame is extinguished due to lack of oxygen.