What is an Insulation Piercing Connectors?

Insulation Piercing Connectors is mainly composed of insulating housings, puncture blades, waterproof rubber pads, and torque bolts. When the cable branch is connected, the branch cable is inserted into the branch cap and determines the good main line branch position, tighten the torque nut on the line clip with the sleeve wrench, with the tightening torque nut, the line clip is hidden with the insulator of the puncture blade. Gradually wear.
At the same time, the curved sealing pad wrapped around the puncture blade gradually climbed the cable insulating layer, and the puncture blade also started to puncture the cable insulating layer and the metal conductor. When the degree of sealing pad and insulating grease and the contact of the puncture blade are optimally, the torque nut is automatically detached. At this time, the installation is complete and the contact point seal and the electrical effect are optimal.